zondag 7 juni 2009

Pain au levain (sourdough bread) - Hamelman.

Lately I have been baking making use of recipes made with poolish. The result I get is always good and I really like it.
Because it has been a while I decided to make the pain au levain from the Bread book by Mr. Hamelman.

OMG!!! I just ate a slice of this bread! Delicious! The taste of the crust and crumb is awesome! It has been too long since I made this, I will put this on my schedule more often!

Here's a pic :

donderdag 4 juni 2009

Bread Rack

I have been looking on line to buy a small (about 1 meter length or so) rack to help me getting the bread out of the oven and vice versa. Of course the main purpose of this rack is to let the bread cool down easily, but I also use this rack to put the plates on
and to slide the dough with baking paper easy onto the plate.

I found this second hand on line for 20 Euros. New it costs 495 Euro, so I did get it real cheap, okay, it is not new, but it is in great condition and will serve it's purpose.

Pine nuts & figs & wine - Dan Lepard.

Delicious bread from the Dan Lepard book. One of my all time favorites!